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“I see how people struggle with their emotions, their property, their children’s future and their finances. I strive to provide the anchor they need to help guide them through the Texas legal system.”

Rhonda Hunter is a partner at the law firm of Farrow-Gillespie & Heath, L.L.P.  Rhonda Hunter handles the difficult and emotional legal issues encountered in divorce, child custody, child support, marital property disputes and complex family law matters. Rhonda Hunter is the tough, dedicated, professional advocate you need to guide you through the legal system.

Rhonda Hunter has helped hundreds of mothers, fathers, grandparents and children. She is a board certified family law specialist (Texas Board of Legal Specialization), with nearly three decades of experience. A frequent teacher and lecturer, her knowledge of the law and the courts provides the advantage you need to navigate the rigorous legal system.

From the complex jury trial, temporary custody hearing, termination of parental rights suit, business divisions during divorce and real estate partitions to the visitation agreements, parenting plan options, contested conservatorship hearings and final divorce trials, Rhonda Hunter will provide you the experience you need in the mediation room and in the courtroom.

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